Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jumper Cables for a Fit Lifestyle

So, it's Spring Break. And it's come to me that I have a full week to focus on living healthy and happy. I'm already off to a great start because yesterday I took my little get fit crew to near by park and we walked. Today I'm going to my 3pm fitness class. I haven't been in the longest time... But I'm going today.

Oh... Just had great idea...

I'm sending out via blog, email, and facebook locations to meet and walk this week. So, if you are available... Come on out. Don't forget to bring walking shoes, water, and a towel.

Monday: 10am Diamond Lakes Park, Parking Lot in front of the Library
Tuesday: 5pm Riverwalk, Parking Lot by the train tracks
Wednesday: 2pm Henry Brigham Senior Center, off Golden Camp Road

I know the locations and times jump around, but it's on purpose. Hopefully changing it up will allow everyone an opportunity to come out at least once. I'll post more places and times after I get to talk to a couple of folks (send me any other times and places that work for you). Hope to see you there.

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