Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Vacation

So folks, I've been in and out of Augusta since the 20th of June. I spent time in Florida and now I'm in VA. I've been doing. Great with working out... better when I'm out of town than when I'm at home actually. While in Florida, I usually worked out this my sister. We did kickboxing, walked/jogged around the park, and did more crunches/sittups than I like to recall. Here in VA I'm up every morning walking around the lake in Danielle's subdivision. It's pretty, aside from the hissing geese and the occasional loose dog. However, I'm eating much better here in VA than I did in FL. Something about home makes me feel like I can each what everyone else is eating and not worry about it. Ha! Here, I'm back on fruits, veggies, nuts, and chicken. Diet Green Tea, Protein Drinks, and water. Speaking of water... I'm gonna go grab a glass. Buh-bye