Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 103: I'm all Ears

So, I received a suggestion from a co-worker/friend on facebook that I should keep a food journal. And trust me, I take what you say to heart.  I have done food journaling from time to time, but I usually slack of due to forgetting the journal here, there, and everywhere. Well, I decided that I would try it again. But this time I will do it via I have set up a new blog, but I will use it simply as a link on my current blog to view my food journal. So, I'm not quite finished with the connection. But once I'm finished, I'll be able to text my meals to blogger and have them posted. How easy is that, right? Then you can view what I'm eating. No more dirty little dessert secrets. I'm putting it all out there. Keep it out tomorrow and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 100: State of the Union... that is my mid section

Well, seeing as I am 100 days in, I figure I should take a look back to see what has happened and where I am.

What I Have Accomplished
When I started this blog on January 17th I weighed 190 lbs. At my last weigh-in i was down to 181.6. Now granted people... I did not post my weigh-in from Monday (being under the weather definately took it's toll). But that's a loss of 8.4 lbs. Now I have not met my goal of losing 4 lbs per month, still it's actually round 3 lbs per month. Not bad.

I did do my 5k just last Saturday. And I plan on doing another before July.

What I Have Yet to Do:
I have not yet embraced the whole food concept. I want to. But the processed stuff is so easy. I believe I'll have to tackle this one once school lets out. Goal start date 5-25-11

I also have not signed up for bootcamp yet. I tried to. But they had already closed the session. Still I also said this one was better to wait on. I had to let it warm up and it will be better if I don't have to get to work right after a 5:00-6:30 class. :o)

Now I know what the president feels like. You make all of these promises and some of them fall through. But fortunately for me, I have a team of fabulous women on my side that don't beat me up or defect when things don't go as planned. I am so motiviated by all of the kind words, successes, and absolute positivity.

And ladies, I am already running for re-election as your President of Blog. :o) So, I'm asking that you do not hold anything that I said during my original campaign against me.AND I am changing my motto from "Yes we can" to "Be Patient"

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 97: Can't Wait for Summer

So, it's been tough this week. You know I was struggling early on due to being "under the weather". I felt better as the week progressed, but I'm still not at a hundred percent. But I'm muchhhh better. Still, I didn't eat as healthy as I would have liked. Birthday party saturday evening and Easter cook out today. :oP

I just keep longing for school to be out so I can let being fit and spending time with my family be the focus for a bit. I love being a teacher... and I especially love my summers. Only 4 more weeks to go.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 96: The 5K

So, it's official. I've done my first official 5k. Now by official, I mean, because 1) I wanted to do it. It wasn't while I was in the military. 2) I registered, signed in, and and completed it at an official event. Granted I've probably walked that far before. But this was real. I was out there with alot of other people with the same goal in mind... the finish line. So, that's one goal off make 2011 List. Well, I don't know if I can exactly take it off. I actually need to adjust it, because my next 5k will be a run. I'll keep you posted on that as soon as I can find an upcoming on in the area.
Here's me just starting out on the trail.
Here's Olmstead Lake. It was beautiful and cool.
All of the other walkers out on the trail.
My first official T-shirt. I look forward to many more to come.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 92: Under the weather

Okay, folks, I'm not feeling so hot today. For fear of providing TMI, I wont say what's wrong... but I'm not fit for function today. So, I have no workout updates. I ate pretty well today (all things considered). I'll probably be in ill repair for the next few days... So I will focus on my diet and do what physical activity I can. No work on Friday... Yeppie! It's just what the doctor ordered, especially since that 5K is Saturday and I plan on doing it, even if it kills me. ;o)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 91: Hanging Tough

So, folks, I'm holding steading. But it's all good... No pain, no gain. And no gain, no gain... :o) I can't wait to get through testing and this last couple of weeks of April. I am supposed to graduate on May 9th... pending all of the assignments that have been due as of late. School work has been robbing me of workout time. I'm still making it happen, but trust me, not to the extent that I would like. But I will celebrate this +0 unlike those ungrateful people on the biggest loser, and I will vow to do better next week. Stay tuned.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 89: It wasn't me

It wasn't me. The schedule made me do it.

You know I had been doing really good and
Along come 2 of the biggest feel fit sabators ever...
PMS and a messed up schedule.

So, yesterday PMS already had me bloated and feeling quite blah, but I maintained good eating habits first thing in the morning. HOWEVER, yesterday was a big testing day at school and during testing there is NO FOOD in the classroom. So I was unable to have my mid morning snack with minimizes my lunchtime munch. Well, once the test was over there were still donuts left from the morning, so I had one. I ate the school food for lunch and made it through to the end of the day, but I stayed late trying to straighten up my classroom. So, when I got home I was starved and I ate the first thing I saw, pizza. NO Veggies. NO Fiber. Just Pizza. Am I bummed.... NOOO.... Cause I've been kicking butt.

Wanna know what I'm going to do about it... I'm going to better prepare myself for the change to my schedule. I'm going to eat a super healthy and filling snack just before testing starts. I'm going to take an extra snack for the end of the day so I don't have a long stretch between lunch and dinner were I'm not eating... because when that happens, I revert to my old ways of being the Snack Master. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 87: I'm veggies, fish, and poultry...

You are what you eat, right? Well, then I'm veggies, fish, and poultry, cause that's what I've been eating lately. Here are some photos of my fantastic meals.

Salmon, stir"fried" vegetables, and a baked sweet potato

Taco salad made with ground turkey, black bean and corn salsa, and guacamole... a little cheese and an lot of plain ol' lettuce. YUM!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 86: Reflection

So, I was thinking today, Spring Break really did help revive my fitness life. I had a lot of stress free time to focus on what's right for my body. I got alot of support from friends and family... and I got rest. The wonderful thing about it is that those habits have found their way into this week. I've been bringing lunch to school, cooking healthier meal choices, and working out daily... AND even better, It shows. BONUS*** All of this success just makes me what to do it harder and longer. (Oh, Dear!)  :o)
And I can not forget to mention the people who have been going at this with me. Shelley and I are going walking tomorrow evening at Diamond Lakes Park, by the way. I love it!
So, Please keep supporting me. I'll be on the River again this weekend. Not sure what time yet, but I will post it. Hope to see you then.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 85: Sweating? Really?!?

So, I believe I've said it before, but here's my proof. I used to think that I didn't sweat. I mean, ask some of my friends and they'll tell you... it's rare. But for some reason, this elliptical machine really does it to me. It has six different programed exercises for you to shoose from. All of them are 30 minutes and all of them kick my butt. I'm not there huffing and puffing, feeling like a pack a day smoker. But at the end I am fully energized and feeling successful. The display shows a nice calorie burn (whether it's accurate, I don't know) and the distance (the total number of revolutions of the pedal).
I love this machine!!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weigh-in 4-11-11

Well, It's moving in the right direction 181.2 lbs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 83: Fuel Up

So, I was talking to a friend this morning and most of the conversation revolved around food. She started the Atkins diet this morning and had to start out making choices about what to eat. I, on the other hand, was in the kitchen making breakfast for myself and the family. One thing really stood out though, it was the way we viewed food. We both talked about how its important for food to taste good in order for us to be happy. Now on the surface, this may not sound like a very profound statement, however there's much more too it. I mean, think about it... eating is a necessity. It's something we must do for our bodies everyday in order for it to keep going. Kind of like using the bathroom or sleeping. And when you think of our ancestors, I mean, back to the cave man, none of these things envolved much pomp and circumstance. You pooped where it wouldn't be detected, ate what grew or what you caught, and slept on a make shift bed. But things, as did people, evolved... now our bathrooms are climate controled and fragrant, our beds are big and plush, and our meals elaborate and tasty. Hummm... So what I'm I trying to say. I think the caveman diet is not such a bad idea. No, I'm not talking about the one that someone threw together and made a book about. I'm talking about the real thing. I'm talking about eating because it's fuels you up without worrying about how wonderful it taste. Now, I'm not saying eat grass and mud pies. I'm saying if you have to choose between the fatfree variety that doesn't taste as good or the full fat version, go for the fatfree. And if you want something sweet you can always choose the mango over the candy bar. Eat what fuels your body and be happy because you were good to yourself. That will be my focus for today.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 81: Rest Easy

Shelly, Dixie, Tomekia, and kids joined me for a nice walk on the river.

Well, today I had an up close and personal look at one of the best perks to getting fit... REST! Today I took some of my students to the park. I played on the playground equipment with my little ones. It wasn't for a very long time, but I was tired when it was all said and done. We were all exhausted. The boys napped in the car and when we got home, we took a 30 minute nap before heading to the Riverwalk. Once there we were joined by the rest of our GET FIT CREW with kids in tow. We spent a bit of time at the playground first. The kids were able to run around and burn some excess energy. Then we walked along the shade by the river. I brought scooters for my little men, hoping that it would make it easier for them to keep up. No such luck. Well, for the older boys they took turns and zoomed ahead of us. But for my littlest man, he fell back at every turn. I even ended up carrying him for a while (til he bit me cause he wanted to get down. OUCH!). Still all in all it was a nice walk. We had excellent conversation as usual. And I promise you, we will all rest easy tonight. (And yes, especially the kids!)

Day 80: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

"Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome" is a saying that has been used by the fire fighters, law enforcement, and military for years. And it's all about making it happen no matter what. We all do it every day at home, at work, with friends and family.
Well, today, I was supposed to go for a morning walk with one of my friends, but she ended up under the weather. Well, I decided that getting out early that morning just wasn't for me and before you know it the day had almost pasted me by. I looked up and it was 5pm. Knowing that not working out was NOT an option, I got out doors with my boys.  We went outside and raced on the scooters. Then we jumped on the trampoline and played Ninja Turtles. It was fun. I had more QT with my little ones AND I got my fit on. It was all about improvising today. Plan A went out the window, but Plan B took it's place.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 78: T-Ball is Exercise

Today I went walking the track at Henry Brigham. I always have the kids with me when I go there because the track goes around the playground. It's easy for me to keep eyes on while I get my fit on. Still I always end up stopping short of my planned workout so I can spend some QUALITY time with the little one running at my heels. So, I ended up stopping after almost 2 miles to play T-Ball with my little men (The young ladies were too busy socializing). I mean, you would think T-Ball with a 3 and 5 year old would be pretty laid back. But nooo... AJ hits line drives and home runs all day long, so I'm a running deep. X on the other hand "bunts" the ball and I end up running up to get it. I was exhausted before we even got started. So... workout... YES! Plus, I checked the Spring Break quality time box. I love killing 2 birds with one stone.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 77: Two is company, Three is... even better

So, today it was off to the Riverwalk. I honestly didn't know what to expect in the way of company. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dixie walking on the curb in the parking lot. And an even bigger surprise was that Shonda was waiting for us about half way up on the bridge. We had a great walk, some good laughs, and the weather was wonderful. You couldn't have asked for a better day. My only regret was that I did not bring my walk, which doubles as a pedometer and calorie counter. So, I don't know how far I walked today. But that doesn't matter. Getting out and getting moving is what counts. And today... I did that and loved every minute of it.

Shonda and Dixie were excellent company.

Look at the beautiful background.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I saw on  another blog were they were weighing and taking pictures of the scale... I went, Wow, I like that. So here it is. I'm hoping this will lead to more accountability from me and a little bit reality for you. Here's the first Scale Photo weigh-in.

April 4, 2011- 182.0 lbs.

Day 76: Everyday is an Adventure

So, today I went down to Diamond Lakes Park to walk and enjoy the wonderful weather. It was really nice. But you know me. It had to be an adventure. So, I have a story... wanna here it... here it goes...

So I start out with all of my gear: water, towel, phone, camcorder, MP3 player... I have it all. And I had it inside my little lunch bag. I start out walking the entire first 1.2 miles. But on the second go round I decided to walk/jog. Well, 3/4 of the way I realize, I had dropped my phone. So, I back track. On the way back I run into Mitchell. She'd seen my post and come out walking with her daughter. (AWESOME!) However, I must find my phone before I can get with them. I keep walking around and I run into one of my students walking with her mother and sisters. (COOL!) I tell them that I'm looking for my phone and if they see it, it's mine. Well, I don't get that much farther when my student comes running through the trees shouting, "I found your phone!" Instant relief hit me. So I chatted with my student and her family a little longer and then went to finish the track with Mitchell. So, I know that I went 2.4 miles... but I don't know how much more with the back tracking. No matter. It was a great workout with even better company. The track is long with trees and small hills, which I like. You can take a look at it in the video below.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 75: A walk in the park

I was supposed to go to the gym today for that awesome class, however childcare was iffy. Still, I didn't let that discourage me. I loaded the kids into the van and we headed to the local park. They played on the playground while I walked/jogged on the track. Before it was all said and done I did 2 miles and had a little bit of QT with the little ones. It was a pleasant trade off.

Here's me at the park. Gettin' my sweat on. Join me any day this week. REMEMBER: Tomorrow I'll be at Diamond Lakes Park, 10am.

Jumper Cables for a Fit Lifestyle

So, it's Spring Break. And it's come to me that I have a full week to focus on living healthy and happy. I'm already off to a great start because yesterday I took my little get fit crew to near by park and we walked. Today I'm going to my 3pm fitness class. I haven't been in the longest time... But I'm going today.

Oh... Just had great idea...

I'm sending out via blog, email, and facebook locations to meet and walk this week. So, if you are available... Come on out. Don't forget to bring walking shoes, water, and a towel.

Monday: 10am Diamond Lakes Park, Parking Lot in front of the Library
Tuesday: 5pm Riverwalk, Parking Lot by the train tracks
Wednesday: 2pm Henry Brigham Senior Center, off Golden Camp Road

I know the locations and times jump around, but it's on purpose. Hopefully changing it up will allow everyone an opportunity to come out at least once. I'll post more places and times after I get to talk to a couple of folks (send me any other times and places that work for you). Hope to see you there.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 74: Sneak Peek

So, today was the first time in FOREVER that I've been to zumba... and I didn't realize until today that there are still some people (like my mom) who don't even know what zumba is... so for all of you who don't know, here's about a 20 second sneak peek into the latin/hiphop world of zumba. Hopefully next time I can get to class early and you'll get to see what at least one whole song worth of zumba looks like. It's upbeat, fun, and a definate workout. Zumba classes are offered here at the local Y and some other community centers. Danielle even told me that Zumba has spread like wild fire in Korea with wall to wall classes and Zumba parties. So, if you haven't tried it, it's worth a look. And trust me, you might get hooked.
P.S. This whole camcorder thing is going to have me wearing makeup more often. Please excuse the washed out look... I'll do better next time. :)