Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back at it AGAIN!!!

Okay... So I know you are probably thinking... wow! She's at it again. It has been such an up and down year for me. But I'm back at it AGAIN. Trust me, I know we all go through it. The ups and the downs. The failures and the triumphs. But what I realize is that, it's okay. This journey is not one where you simple reach the end and continue living happily after that. No... the journey is not over until it's over. And just like a real journey, you are destined to meet road blocks, pot holes, wrong turns, right turns, scenic spots, and hopefully meet alot of  wonderful people along the way. So, It's the new year. I time for resolutions... and I'm resolved to get back on the road to success. Fueled by confidence, love, and hope...

I Love These Tips

The tips below  come from the website http://boldweightloss.com/

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

On paper, losing weight looks easy: move more, eat less and then you lose weight, right? Yet, losing weight isn’t easy – we all know that.

I created this site to cut through the fluff that pervades the diet industry and supply you with powerful weight loss tips and effective weight loss methods that you can use to start losing weight right now. By applying these weight loss tips and the information found throughout this site, you can significantly speed up your dieting efforts and realize the healthy weight loss you have been striving towards.

There are 4 primary facets of focus when it comes to losing weight successfully and maintaining it for the long term:

- A Good Weight Loss Diet Plan

- A Sensible Regimen of Weight Loss Exercises

- Learning How to Build Muscle to Increase Your Metabolism

- Adapting a Healthy Lifestyle to Boost Compliance

All of these facets of weight loss contribute to the overriding principal behind effective, healthy weight loss: the numbers game.

Weight Loss Tips – The Numbers Game

While technically not a weight loss tip, the sooner you truly believe that weight loss is a number’s game and nothing more or less, the sooner you will have long-term success in your weight loss. If you want to lose weight it really just boils down to the amount of calories you are eating versus the amount of calories you are burning. Hormones or genetics can only lower or increase the amount of calories you burn: if you don’t eat for a month you will lose weight – there is no way around that (not that I am suggesting starving).

As a result, all of your weight loss efforts need to be focused around taking personal responsibility to create a caloric deficit. That is where our weight loss tips come in!

Weight Loss Tips – Diet Plans

There are dozens of weight loss diet plans available, and many of them are effective. As long as they are able to create a caloric deficit in some way, they will burn fat. If you are unable to create a caloric deficit through your diet, long-term weight loss is not likely to be maintained. Here are some good weight loss tips when it comes to your diet:

1. The most important thing about any diet plan is to keep your caloric intake below the amount of calories you burn.

2. Some advanced diet plans may call cycling between periods of being at a caloric deficit and surplus. Whiel these can be effective, they are best suited for those who only need to lose a small amount of weight.

3. There are 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrate, 4 calories in a gram of protein, and 9 calories in a gram of fat.

4. Your body will spend nearly a full calorie digesting a gram of protein, whereas digesting a gram of fat burns almost no energy. As a result, eating 100 calories of protein will provide a similar amount of energy to eating 75 calories worth of fat.

5. There are dozens of factors which go into making one feel hungry or full. One of the strongest factors that determines hunger is nutritional status. Eating junk food does little to satiate hunger unless consumed in large quantities; eating a diet rich in real foods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, meat – not bread or things out of a box) tend to be more satiating (satiation is the quelling of hunger) on a calorie-to-calorie basis.

6. Levels of the hormone leptin can have a strong impact on appetite. Low levels of leptin increase appetite. Leptin decreases when we diet, causing us to want to eat. Leptin levels, like most hormones, rise and fall on a fairly slow basis. Setting aside 1 meal per week to eat some extra calories can spike leptin levels for nearly a full week and help you feel full all week long. This is the same phenomenon that suppresses appetite on days following overeating (think about how you feel the day after Thanksgiving).

7. Contrary to popular belief, diet soda does not make you fat and can be a great way to silence cravings for sweets. All of the studies which suggest that people who are overweight tend to drink more diet soda have simply stumbled upon the fact that places that serve diet sodas (restaurants and fast food joints) tend to also have high-calorie foods.

You can get your own diet plan and discover how to pick out the right diet plan for your goals, current body type, and exercise levels in our section on Weight Loss Diet Plans.

Weight Loss Exercises

In order to lose weight, you have to do exercise, right? Well, not necessarily. Here are some great weight loss tips for incorporating exercise in your weight loss plan.

8. In order to lose weight, you do not have to exercise. Exercise helps you burn more calories. If you are eating less than you are burning, you can still lose weight without exercising.

9. In regards to tip #8, I would not consider it ideal to lose weight without exercising. Exercising will certainly increase the speed of your weight loss.

10. Any sort of exercise that burns calories will help you burn fat. This could be as simple as going for a 15 minute walk every day at lunch. This might add up to an extra pound of weight loss a month for very little extra effort.

11. If you hate working out, try to find an activity that you do like. You can burn fat and lose weight just as easily through a game of tennis or a walk in the evening as you can on the treadmill.

12. Exercise, particularly weight training, also helps preserve muscle mass. When you are in a caloric deficit, sometimes your body will digest muscle tissue in addition to fat in order to fuel its daily needs. This is not only unhealthy but can also slow down weight loss. Muscle tissue is highly metabolic and burns a lot of calories (even without exercising), so preserving it helps ensure long-term weight loss.

You can learn more about what exercises to perform for weight loss in our section on Exercise for Weight Loss. Which brings us to the next section..

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Building Muscle

While you might not think building muscle (or at least maintaining it) has much to do with dieting, the truth is that they are inseparable. Here are some healthy weight loss tips when considering building muscle and weight training while trying to lose weight:

13. Muscle is the body’s furnace. A pound of lean body mass burns approximately 10-15 calories (depending on individual factors) a day simply existing. Your body has to spend a lot of calories just to maintain muscle mass. If you have 10 more pounds of muscle mass than a friend but are otherwise the same and follow the exact same diet and exercise plan, the person with the extra muscle mass will lose approximately an extra pound a month of body fat (or can eat an extra 100 calories a day without gaining weight).

14. Since muscle mass burns so many calories just sitting around, men are able to eat much, much more than women and still lose weight. It never ceases to amaze me a petite woman complains that her 6’4″ 220-pound significant other can eat twice as much as she can without gaining weight. Of course – with that much extra muscle mass, a lot of extra calories are burnt just maintaining it.

15. Most experts recommend putting eating no less than 1,200 calories a day in order to get all of your essential nutrients. Because of this, women actually need to exercise more than men in order to lose weight effectively, particularly those who weigh under 200 pounds. It is very difficult for women to lose weight quickly without getting in a lot of exercise.

16. Weight training helps preserve muscle mass which might be otherwise lost when dieting. Given how important muscle mass is to burning calories, weight training is very important to incorporate into any weight loss plan.

17. Extended periods of intense cardiovascular exercise performed in a caloric deficit is absolutely devastating to muscle tissue. When you are deep into a diet, I recommend long, low-intensity cardio (such as walking on an incline) with weight training as a preferred exercise choice when compared to running or more traditional exercise.

You can get more tips and even your own workout plan in our section on How to Build Muscle.

Weight Loss Tips – Getting Healthy

While getting healthy is not necessary to lose weight, it is necessary to maintain that weight loss for the long term. When we are not healthy and are not eating right, we do not feel well. Our energy levels are low, we feel moody and irritable, and depleted. Fatigue makes cowards of us all, and when we feel like this we tend to overeat and eat things that we would be better off avoiding. Here are some weight loss tips that go hand-in-hand with living a healthy lifestyle.

18. Go to bed! Most people overeat late at night when they are exhausted and their willpower fades. No one is overweight because they overeat at breakfast. It has little to do with the time of the day but rather the fact that when we are alert and awake in the morning it is very easy to have the willpower to resist putting a serious dent in a half-gallon of ice cream.

19. Drink plenty of water. This not only helps with appetite but helps reduce fatigue. Even better, drinking plenty of water reduces bloating and helps keep your weight steady, which in turn keeps you in a good state of mind.

20. Consume 25g of fiber daily. Use a supplement if you have to. This not only helps keep you satiated but prevents constipation (common when dieting) and helps keep you healthy as well!

There are 4 primary aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, but are you following them? Discover what they are and how to improve them in our section on Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips – Effective Weight Loss Methods

By applying these 20 healthy weight loss tips, you now have an effective weight loss methodology at your fingertips that you can use to start burning up plenty of calories, sticking to your diet plan, and achieving long-term success on your diet plan. This page is a work in progress, so be sure to check back evenly as it (and the site) gets expanded!