Thursday, June 16, 2011

Keeping it Real

So, folks, here's what's been going on. I've been working the Elimination Diet since Monday. It's been going good. Usually it's fruit or a smoothie for breakfast. Lunch and dinner is all about fish or poultry with veggies. Snacks come before and after lunch and were usual fruit or triscuits. For the past 2 days I've had a mini dark chocolate bar with a banana for my sweet fix.


Last night was... less than perfect. Shonda came over for a visit (which I truly enjoyed) and I stayed up super late... which lead to some late night snacking on cookies and milk. Still, I'm not going to beat myself up or look at this as a diet downfall. Because good eating is all about a lifestyle change, I will make allowances for indulges like Oreo cookies with milk. The key it to limit these indulges. My sister days that per Karen, her Beach Body Coach, she has one splurge meal a week. Now, I don't know the science of it all, but it's all about keeping up her body's fat busting potential.


Today is back to normal. A smoothie for breakfast, apple for a snack, a salad with grilled fish for lunch, and a light veggie stir fry with grilled fish for dinner.

Oh, and working out has been going swimmingly. I've walked/jogged everyday this week. And that was while I was in class. Now, there's no class and I'll be on the go for the summer. So, I think next up, you'll be hearing about my eating on the go and on vacation. Wish me luck. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011


I titled this post Recovery because I have come to the conclusion that up until yesterday, I had Relapsed. And the clear sign of my relapse was getting on the scale and seeing 189... 189... are you serious? That was 10 lbs up from my lowest. NO WAY! Uh, yes way. And so... I was brought to the crushing reality that, YES, I had relapsed. I'd slipped back into the habits that put me on this journey to begin with. So, now... as of Sunday afternoon, I'm back on track... again. My exercise, my eatting, and my mindset. It's not easy... especially with the class I'm in. Everyday 2 or 3 people are responsible for bringing in snacks and everyday the snacks are a 1 or a 2 on the healthy scale of 0-10. So, today, I brought my own snacks. I only have 2 days left of this class and I could waited to get back on track, but why... so I could be 13 lbs heavier. I think not... Already the scale is changing for the better. It now shows 186.6... Water weight sure... but it's still weight. And... what am I doing exactly... Here's a list:

  1. The elimination diet... Fruits, veggies (low carb), fish, poultry.
  2. Lots more water
  3. Diet drinks (cola and green tea)
  4. Almond milk
  5. Exercise 20-30 minutes everyday of something you enjoy and mix it up.
  6. Relaxation and meditation
  7. Gauge your hunger (Ask yourself, "Am I really hungry?")
  8. Don't go long stretches without eating anything (2-3 hours max)
  9. Portion control. Less really is more... More healthy, that is. 
  10. And the one I'm not quite following right now... go to bed on time (but I just had to write this all down)
Well, folks... that's about it. Stay tuned.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fake it til you make it

So, I really wasn't feeling working out after being in class from 8:30- 3:15. )Now I know how my students feel at the end of the day.) I just wanted to go home and crash out. Problem was I'd told a friend we'd work out today and I told the kids I'd take them swimming. Well, the friend texted, "Are you still going?" That small text was just the nudge I needed. I got to the gym and though my friend wasnt there yet, I worked out for 15 minutes on the thredmill doing walk 2 min and run 2 min alternating. Once she got there we went to zumba for 30 min. After that I took the kids to the pool. I even got in and played around a bit in the water. It was great. By the end I was telling Shonda (who joined us out there) that I'd had fun. I was glad I'd went... though I had to drag my butt out there. Like my daddy always says, fake it til you make it.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Have Been Convicted

So, my sister says to me today, "I was catching up on your blog and I've noticed you haven't weighed-in in a while." Ohhhh... you got me... Yep... she called me on it. Put it out there when other people were probably thinking it, but just didn't say it. That's what sisters are for, right? Yeah, at least MY sister. So, this is what I told her... Friday, I will weigh-in. Come hell or high water... I will put it out there. I hadn't been because I hadn't been showing any progress. But... oh well, gotta pay the piper. This journey wasn't meant to be easy and you were meant to see my successes and my failures (well, not failures... lessons). But anyway, stay tuned...  I'm working out regularly... AGAIN. I went to the gym with one friend at 5pm and did 40 minutes of elliptical and some weight machines. I left there and a bit later met Shonda to do a Cardio Dance class. I aint good for breakfast and lunch. But dinner was chinese. I was semi-healthy with that, but I've got to do better. I'm going to start my elimination diet again on Monday. That's what jump started my weight loss the first go round. Time to do it, and do it right... again. Well, that's if for now. Supposed to hit the Y tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday... it's on the schedule. And I think I'm going to get back into my Kick butt sunday class. Join me if you like.