Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Have Been Convicted

So, my sister says to me today, "I was catching up on your blog and I've noticed you haven't weighed-in in a while." Ohhhh... you got me... Yep... she called me on it. Put it out there when other people were probably thinking it, but just didn't say it. That's what sisters are for, right? Yeah, at least MY sister. So, this is what I told her... Friday, I will weigh-in. Come hell or high water... I will put it out there. I hadn't been because I hadn't been showing any progress. But... oh well, gotta pay the piper. This journey wasn't meant to be easy and you were meant to see my successes and my failures (well, not failures... lessons). But anyway, stay tuned...  I'm working out regularly... AGAIN. I went to the gym with one friend at 5pm and did 40 minutes of elliptical and some weight machines. I left there and a bit later met Shonda to do a Cardio Dance class. I aint good for breakfast and lunch. But dinner was chinese. I was semi-healthy with that, but I've got to do better. I'm going to start my elimination diet again on Monday. That's what jump started my weight loss the first go round. Time to do it, and do it right... again. Well, that's if for now. Supposed to hit the Y tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday... it's on the schedule. And I think I'm going to get back into my Kick butt sunday class. Join me if you like.

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