Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 81: Rest Easy

Shelly, Dixie, Tomekia, and kids joined me for a nice walk on the river.

Well, today I had an up close and personal look at one of the best perks to getting fit... REST! Today I took some of my students to the park. I played on the playground equipment with my little ones. It wasn't for a very long time, but I was tired when it was all said and done. We were all exhausted. The boys napped in the car and when we got home, we took a 30 minute nap before heading to the Riverwalk. Once there we were joined by the rest of our GET FIT CREW with kids in tow. We spent a bit of time at the playground first. The kids were able to run around and burn some excess energy. Then we walked along the shade by the river. I brought scooters for my little men, hoping that it would make it easier for them to keep up. No such luck. Well, for the older boys they took turns and zoomed ahead of us. But for my littlest man, he fell back at every turn. I even ended up carrying him for a while (til he bit me cause he wanted to get down. OUCH!). Still all in all it was a nice walk. We had excellent conversation as usual. And I promise you, we will all rest easy tonight. (And yes, especially the kids!)

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  1. Hello there, thank you very much for calling by my blog. It's always good to have new followers especially those on similar journeys. It sort of makes it more of a challenge to do well when people are cheering you on, so again thank you and the best of luck with your journey too. We are all in it together. :)