Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 86: Reflection

So, I was thinking today, Spring Break really did help revive my fitness life. I had a lot of stress free time to focus on what's right for my body. I got alot of support from friends and family... and I got rest. The wonderful thing about it is that those habits have found their way into this week. I've been bringing lunch to school, cooking healthier meal choices, and working out daily... AND even better, It shows. BONUS*** All of this success just makes me what to do it harder and longer. (Oh, Dear!)  :o)
And I can not forget to mention the people who have been going at this with me. Shelley and I are going walking tomorrow evening at Diamond Lakes Park, by the way. I love it!
So, Please keep supporting me. I'll be on the River again this weekend. Not sure what time yet, but I will post it. Hope to see you then.

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