Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 30: Walk a Mile in My Shoe

When I was home over the summer my sister bought me a pair of shoes for walking. This jesture was prompted by complaints that my feet hurt when I would exercise. I did in fact like the shoes. But I quickly wore them out... So, I was back in my old running shoes, from 2006, in no time. Well, in November one of my fitness instructors at the Y was like, you need to buy some new shoes. He went on about how he didn't want me to hurt myself. I took that little piece of information and filed it away in the back of my mind. Then I read an article in Shape about wearing the right shoes. So, I opened that new shoe file in my mind and decided to give it some consideration. I ended up going to Dick's Sporting Goods late one night to find some new kicks. I have wide flat feet, so I was lost looking at shoes. I had to ask the sales person to name some brands that would work for me. I kind of randomly pick a pair, but I love them. They feel really good. My feet don't hurt when I walk or run. I've realized what a huge difference a shoe can make. So I'm telling you now, inspect your shoe... If it don't fit (or feel right), you must a' quit... walking in them and head to the nearest shoe store.

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