Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 24: Biggest Loser Mindset

I don't know if I've said it before, but I love The Biggest Loser. It's very inspiring to see people who have so much to lose, or gain (depending on how you look at it), give it everything to make their dreams to come true. I know that the conditions under which they lose the weight are unreal and many of the people regain their lost weight. However, there are some things to be learn from the show and the people on it.
1. If a 500 lb. man can run on a treadmill, so can I. Seriously, some of the Biggest Losers can only run on the treadmill for a short period of time. Not because of their health, but because they break the machines. Now, I did break my Tony Little's Gazzelle not too long ago, but that was different. It was cheap and I was rough. 
2. There is power in numbers. It's one thing when you are working out for yourself, but it's different when other people are counting on you. Trust me. I don't want to let you down. As well, for most people, working out by yourself just isn't any fun. Time flies when I am on the treadmill chatting with a good friend or in a zumba class full of people.
3. Let it all hang out... bellies and all. The Biggest Losers get up in front of half the world, take off their shirts, and post their weights. There are no secrets. Don't be ashamed of the number on the scale, let it motivate you. Don't be embarassed by what your body looks like, your body is God's temple. It may need remodeling, but it is still God's home. Love your body. And take care of it.

There really are alot of good lessons about weight loss on the show. If you've never watched it before, check it out. It comes on on Tuesday nights at 8. I set my DVR to it and watch it on the weekends or while I'm cooking dinner. Still, no matter what you watch, I hope you end up being... The Biggest Loser.

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