Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 15: Renewed

We'll folks. I'll just have you know that my lack of weight loss this past week was not a disheartening event. Much to the contrary. It was one that made me say, "Hey, lady, what's going on? You've done so much on this journey. There's no time to sit still now. Get your butt in gear. Get that needle moving again... in the right direction." I'm more cautious about what I consume. I take more effort in the preparing and planning of meals and snacks AND MY WILL POWER... It's kicked into 3rd gear. I'm like, "No, no, no, you are not going to sabatoge me again this week. Fool me once, same on you... fool me twice... And it's an extra couple of inches around the mid section. So, if there is anything you can gather from this entry, it's that there is no need to beat yourself up for misteps. Use them to fuel your fire. Get out there and do something about it. Or like they used to say in the 80's "Bust a Move!"


  1. I am impressed by your drive and determination. Also, in addition to making the right food choices, you probably also need to drink more water. This is something that I am terrible at but trying to improve. Love you LITTLE sister. XO

  2. You are so right on the water thing sis. I'mma have to figure out how to make that work throughout the day. I'mma go drink some water right now. Oh yeah, loving the LITTLE Sister bit.