Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 27: Time Out

Folks, one thing that I am realizing is that I love my exercise time. Not just because I'm getting all sexified and healthy, but also because it is that rare me time that I crave. When I go to the gym, I am in a room full of grown people and no one is arguing or begging me for a cookie. I don't hear my phone ringing. I'm not surrounded by all of the things that must get done. At that time I am not mom, daughter, wife, friend, or sister. I am simply Priscilla. And thought I enjoy being all of those other things, it's nice to get back to who you are all by yourself. I embrace this time. I even like to let it linger. On days when I am not stressed for time I just sit in the sauna and marinate. It helps me unwind and be better for myself and those around me.
So, if you needed one more reason to get out there and work it out. There you have it. Working out brings you closer to who you are... it's especially helpful when you are not quite sure who that is.

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