Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 28: Just say No... Thank you

So, I hope everyone felt the love this Valentine's day. I know I have. Maybe even a little too much. I've been given chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Chocolate turtles, chocolate hearts, chocolate tootsie pops, and chocolate fortune cookies. All of that and not to mention the cupcakes. Dozens and dozens of cupcakes. But I used a couple of strategies to prevent ultimate diet sabotage.

1. Say, "No, thank you."- It used to be so hard to say no. I'd eat every cupcake and chocolate offered to me. I didn't want to turn anyone down and hurt their feelings. Now I realize that turning down sweets does not have to hurt anyone's feelings. In turning it down I am exercising my will power and I am setting a great example for others. Many people actually respect the will power.

2. Pay it Forward- Another option which I also took advantage of today was to pass it on. I accepted many of the wonderful gifts there were bestoyed upon me, but then I passed them on and shared with others. It felt good to give and even better to obstain.

2. Everything in Moderation- Today I did have 5 piece of chocolate over the course of the day. Much better than the couple cupcakes and tons of chocolate. It was nice to enjoy a small piece of the holiday. Chocolate has it's health benefits, so I was also doing something good for me. Gotta Love It.


  1. I am really enjoying your blog, Little One. Sometimes, I have to catch up and read a few days at a time, but you are really doing a great job. And I do read EVERY ENTRY. I'm glad you had a nice Valentines Day. You are so loved! I had the extreme pleasure to go out to dinner with mom, dad, and justin. Golden Corral?! Dad's choice of course. Stuck to my low (NO) sugar / starch plan for the meal, but couldnt resist the chocolate covered strawberries. Think I had like 6. :D You know that is overload for me. Oh well!!! They were so delish. Anyway, keep up the good work and keep posting. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL!!!

  2. p.s. My smiley faces look retarded with this font. :D

  3. benefits of chocolate. Any chocolate or is it just dark chocolate?

  4. I envy you going out to dinner with the fam. I can't wait to get back to FLA. But none the less, I have fallin' for GA. It has its upside. And as for the smileys... I feel you completely.

    Oh... and the chocolate... Dark chocolate is the best due to the antioxidents. But any chocolate will do when it comes to lifting your mood. : )