Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day Seven: Dress the Part

So, let me tell you. I used to go to the gym wearing sweat pants and a bag t-shirt. I never wore makeup or perfume. It was like I was going to do some yard work or something. Didn't matter what I looked like cause I was working.
Not anymore! I actually own coordinating exercise clothing. Cute pink tops and slim fit pants. My sports bra actually works more like a bra and less like an ace bandage to provide lift. I put on lip gloss and spray on bath and body works.
I've read on and in Shape magazine that looking good while you workout improves your workout attitude. And I can tell you that from personal experience, it does. It's no wonder why. Gyms have tons of mirrors. During my workout I'm continuously checking myself out. When I look bummy it's depressing. I don't want to work harder. I want to leave. I hate that everyone at the gym sees me looking like. But when i look good. I feel good. I'm like awh yeah... I'm bringing sexy back. If I look this good now, imagine what I'll look like at the end of my journey. It's motivation to keep going and push harder.
**Official Weigh-in tomorrow.**

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