Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 13: Plan Ahead

Well, yesterday the weight loss journey was challenging. I ate out twice... Breakfast at Burger King and Dinner at Harbor Inn. And that wasn't even that bad. I had one of the Burger King english muffin sandwiched, which is one of the better things on their menu, but I ate the hash browns that came with it. At Harbor Inn I had broiled flounder with california style mixed vegetables, but I ate the hush puppies that came with it. And... after all of that I went to AppleBee's with friends for drinks. I ended up ordering 2 Skinny Bee Mojitos AND snacking on other people's appetizers. Yeah... like I said, it was a tough day.
SOOOOooo... I decided to learn from it and move on. The Lesson: Plan Ahead. Breakfast out was the result of an early morning of running and taking hubby to drop off his vehicle at the shop. I'd delayed breakfast for too long. If I'd planned ahead, I would have quickly whipped up a smoothie with added protein. That smoothie would have held me over til lunch. Then when it came down to dinner, I did not plan for the side of hush puppies (my weakness). The idea thing to do would have been to ask them to hold the hush puppies or at least ask for less. And when it came to drinks at AppleBee's, I did okay. But nibbling off of other people's appetizers was a No... no... I should have planned ahead and ordered a snack of my own. My original thought process was that I didn't need to order food, I'd already eaten and there was nothing lowfat in the appetizer section. But, I now realize that if I'd have planned for my need to munch, I would have ordered a small side salad or soup. That lesson carried over into todays meals. I actually planned to make up for all of the extra calories that I consumed yesterday. And... I made my lunch for this week so I don't forget it at home and end up settling for other unhealthy options.

Stay tuned. Weigh-in tomorrow.

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