Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Nine: Eating Out

So, tonight the family went to Applebee's. (Kids eat for 99 cents on Wednesdays) I love going out and spending time with the family, but there is always a challenge when it comes to what to eat. On most occasions I just go for a salad, but at times a plain salad leave you unfulfilled. Other times your salad is more fattening than the buffalo wings and fries you were eyeballing in the first place (that's thanks to the full fat dressing, bacon, crutons, and cheese... among other things). So, tonight I actually took a look at the weight watchers selections on the menu labeled under 550 calories. I ended up getting the Teriyaki Shrimp pasta. The pasta was made out of whole wheat and it was served with lots of veggies. It was a good meal and it filled me up. I also enjoyed a skinnybee margarita. It was just 100 calories and it fill that desire for my favorite drink. This meal tipped the scales as far as my current meals are concerned, but for a night out with the family... it was a health wise choice. Paired with the 30 minute workout I got after work tonight, I'd say it was a meal fit for a "lean" queen.


  1. Good Job! Our Applebee's has kids eat free on Wednesdays so we go quite a bit! I love the "Eat This Not That Restaurant Guide," when eating out I always reference it. I use to get the Shrimp Spinach salad thinking I was doing good. OMG that thing has over 1000 calories and I didn't even know it! I mean it was shrimp and spinach, how could it be bad?! But the dressing is horrible. I would have never known if not for that book. Now I order off the WW or under 550 selections.

    Good job fighting temptation!! Keep it up battle!


  2. I used to do the exact same thing, order the shrimp and spinach salad. Maybe next time I'll get it without their dressing and substitute some balsalmic dressing. Plus my sister has been raving about eat this, not that. I've seen bits of it on Yahoo. I'll have to purchase it.