Monday, January 17, 2011

Day One: Resources

So, I started tracking the calories for the food I ate yesterday. I'd journaled my eatting by hand in the past, but it was an off and on thing. It didn't last more than a month... tops. But this time I went on Shape. com and started using their Virtual Trainer. The website includes resources for much more than calorie counting though. You can track your weight loss and exercise. There are articles, recipes, and blogs. You can end find and chat with friends with similar goals.
I really don't mean to sound like an ambassador for Shape, though I am a fan. I get Shape Magizine every month and it helps to keep me motivated. They provide good tips and their stories about real people inspire me. Still, it doesn't matter what your resources are, it just matters that you find some. Since March, I have realized that you need to continue to be rejuvenated and reassured daily. Feed the healthy you the mental food you need to be successful.
(Just between you and I) I currently weigh 190 lbs. My pant size is 14.  I am married with 3 kids. I am a school teacher, a student, and now a blogger. Welcome to my Journey... Step One.

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