Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 125: So many hot dates... so little time

Okay... so, I need to clarify my title before somebody tells my husband. By hot dates, I mean scheduled fitness outtings outdoors with friends. :) TK and I walked earlier this week and then again today. She keeps track of the distance and according to her we did 4 miles. That was this evening. This morning I walked my dog in the neighborhood next door. That was a 20 minute outting. Then I mowed our lawn... Now this was no normal thing. Because our mower is not gas powered or electric powered. It is man powered. The old school mower from like the 50's. I love it. It's environmentally friendly and one heck of a workout. So... I figure... I got three workouts today, which makes up for the slice of cheese cake I has last night and today. ;) So, with the school year over, I'm feeling a real boost to workout and I have 4 people who have all planned to workout with me. One likes going to the Y and hitting the threadmills. TK likes walking the nearby track. Shonda wants to try some of the classes at the Y. And Katrina will do anything the Y has to offer. Plus, I look forward to getting out there with Shelly, Andrea, and anybody else that will put up with me. Cilla's getting her groove back one date at a time.  

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